Our ice cream always has and always will be made with Isle of Wight milk!

You may have seen some reports lately of the unfortunate and upsetting news that Three Gates Farm will be ceasing to produce milk from their Pedigree Wheatenbread dairy herd.

This will not affect the Isle of Wight Ice Cream Company – we always have and will continue to be using Isle of Wight milk (from a farm even closer by in fact), keeping it as a truly Island product.

Please see the press release below for more information.

Press Release – Three Gates Farm, 19th April 2016

On the 25th April 2016 Three Gates Farm will cease to produce milk from the Pedigree Dairy Herd, known as The Wheatenbread Herd. This is due to the collapse in milk prices suffered by many dairy farmers across the UK. Sadly the pressure is more acute for this particular herd as it was a small herd of less than 65 milking animals.

Jill Cawood developed the herd over 40 years producing high quality pedigree breeding animals. The Wheatenbread herd will continue with some of the cows being leased milked in Kent to ensure the genetic development of the herd continues. Sadly Jill died in 2015 and so it is important for her daughters that her legacy is maintained.

It is also planned that some of the Wheatenbread herd will be relocated to a bigger herd, half way between Newport and Shalfleet. Mark Reed, Reads Farm, Carisbrooke has also committed to supplying fresh Isle of Wight milk for both Isle of Wight Ice Cream and Calbourne Classics and as an added bonus the dairy’s proximity to Newport actually means food miles for the production of Isle of Wight Ice Cream will be decreased.

Isle of Wight Ice Cream remains committed to its ‘green’ ethics and is pleased this particular decision provides an environmental benefit for their products for the new season.

“With such a fast growing customer base and so many exciting flavours to promote, it is always good to have positive messages to give to our clients”

Caroline & Steve Ross, Isle of Wight Ice Cream

Dairy Heifers will continue to be raised on Three Gates Farm, so our beautiful black and white animals will still be viewable grazing in the fields. We still have and will continue to have over 100 animals on site. Calbourne Classics will continue with its full portfolio of  products using Isle of Wight Milk and available from Medina Foodservice or direct from Three Gates Farm.

The Rhythmtree Festival will be going ahead as planned in July, plus The Wheatenbread Herd will also be sending some heifers to the Isle of Wight County Show in June. Come along and meet them.