The Story of Isle of Wight Ice Cream

Once upon a time there lived some pedigree dairy cows, they happily grazed rich green pastures close to the sea on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

One sunny day they heard strange noises from the sea! Wise Wheatenbread Julia (the oldest cow in the herd) decided it was the ferries. They were bringing so much ice cream over (to feed Isle of Wight’s visitors and locals), they were literally groaning under the weight.

‘One Moooo-ment’ cried Julia! ‘Why is Island milk being sent away and mainland ice cream being brought over? Surely we can make some yummy ice cream to sell here?’

So in the days that followed, there was an ‘Isle of Wight Cow Convention’ at Riverway in Newport. It was agreed by the herd that Isle of Wight Ice Cream had to be made under the four following rules;

  • Isle of Wight milk and cream must be used
  • The Ice Cream must be delicious
  • Isle of Wight Ice Cream should only ever be made on the Isle of Wight
  • It must be made by employees from the Isle of Wight